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Your BIB Placement

Your BIB Placement

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Purge those crumply paper bibs, bro! Instead, get your bib on your authentically sweaty race shirt so you can forever take in the sights AND smells of this core memory!  

Your order will include the digital image of one bib of your choice placed on a shirt that is already in your ownership.

The bib will be digitally rendered onto the shirt you provide with sublimination inks, and returned via USPS. The one-way shipping back to you is included in this price. *Please note that you will additionally need to pay for the shipping to HIIT & RUN.*

Default placement of the bib will be in the front center, unless otherwise discussed.

Be a legend, this will help you get awesomely noticed!

Please reach out to us when placing an order for this type of customized order to ensure we nail it perfectly. We'd hate to put someone else'e bib on your shirt, after all.



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